Really Simple Syndication is SixtyEight Art Institute‘s independent publishing arm. Co-founded and edited by the writer and art historian Christopher Sand-Iversen and artist Hugo Hopping. The press aims to re-imagine the relationship between art, theory, and literature as a way of fostering critical discourse – looking to formulate an international voice from the perspective of SixtyEight’s physical presence in Copenhagen.

Really Simple Syndication will be launching publications focusing on artistic research as a project or part of an extended practice out of exhibition-making concerns. Not only by emerging artists and curators, but also through their established counterparts. In addition to exploring similar energies this new press is about developing new readerships in this post-social networked world through a syndication model. To this end, we are looking to support and represent fresh new literature, which is reflecting the research interests of writers, curators, and artists who are broadening the aesthetic, historical, political, and artistic concerns of our new century. Here, the various active voices invited by RSS into its syndication model will find  a new culture of intellectual hospitality that critically fosters their participation into the future.

Furthermore, RSS as a platform and initiative will be periodically inviting artists, curators, and writers to visualize their research (either as an extended practice of SixtyEight Art Institute’s ongoing research or through new configurations of artistic research) to conduct aesthetic experiments on various publishable formats. We believe in paper, of course, but we are fascinated by new media and emerging technologies that amplify the voice of the voices we seek to champion.

For the reasons above, the press was conceived mainly on the basis of new answers for the increasing demand to theorize, report, and publish developments in art and literature that can continue to transverse disciplines, forms, and modes in the production of knowledge.

RSS aims to foster (if it can be said) a transmineralization of the resources and talents of the artist and curator, now working in the first half of the 21st century, into new cultural arenas. Whereby promoting ideas for how to think research, perform it, and as such report it, especially as research connects with new invariable combinations in other fields, we can gain new knowledge and understanding. Therefore this press project aims to support artistic research in the manner that Adrian Piper speak of it – as artistic exploration – however without the ideology of adventure so often found in new enterprises. For this reason alone, RSS looks to help art support itself – in its own terms – through its own economic alchemy and by grinding the mystic bones of art’s own saints and patrons.

To this end, and since the conception of this press project, we noted that the creative practices of curators and artists are increasingly merging. This fascinates us and it points to a future where artistic research and quality will be determined by profound interests and outcomes. Therefore, we believe that the publication format is a vital ground for this pivotal moment to occur and how it can foster the co-evolution of the representation of art and ideas on paper and on virtual forms – is our goal.



Also Space

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Field Essays

Field Essays – “Éloj Kréyol” (Creole Praise) meanderings in the field of decolonial design 150 DKK In this fourth edition of Field Essays we explore the specific decolonial and tactile research approach in the work of Paris-based design-duo dach&zephir. Convinced of the symbolic act of transmission and the gestures objects convey they zoom into the historic …

Another Version

ANOTHER VERSION: Thinking Through Performing 210 DKK This book approaches performance as a method of producing different versions of the self, referred to as ‘versioning’. It explores technologies and processes that produce such versions, and asks the question of how to understand the self within this multiplicity. ANOTHER VERSION: Thinking Through Performing proposes strategies of …