Infinite Bet: Liv Schulman


Infinite Bet

Liv Schulman, with contributions from Bettina Atala, Hugo Hopping, and Sophie Lapalu

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Infinite Bet gathers a range of written pieces that together make available a rich body of work, which includes interviews, play formats, poems, and the work of other artists. Because Liv Schulman broadens experimental forms of speech, only to turn them on their head, the collected writings in themselves offer different challenges to the notions behind the creative freedoms they embody, or even over the political ideas that argue where we get them. In short, this cross-section of written situations and speech acts amounts to a comical and contrarian collective look at the nonsensical economies of desire, we all bet on.

Infinite Bet features an interview with the French stand-up comedian Bettina Atala; drawing and text contributions by Hugo Hopping; a review by Sophie Lapalu; and prints for the first time the English version of the script for the video piece L’Obstruction, which was shown at SixtyEight Art Institute last October in collaboration with Triangle France in Marseille.


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