Book Release / Launch Party: Hanne Lise Thomsen

By Hanne Lise Thomsen

29 May 2019

Image: Front cover of Hanne Lise Thomsen by Hanne Lise Thomsen. Published by RSS Press, 2019.

Really Simple Syndication Press, the publication arm of SixtyEight Art Institute, warmly welcomes you to the release of Hanne Lise Thomsen by the visual artist Hanne Lise Thomsen.

Book Launch: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, 29 May
Gothersgade 167, Kbh K

Drinks will be served and all are welcome.

Books will be available for purchase at this event
or you can order from RSS Press Shop.

The book Hanne Lise Thomsen offers an overview of Hanne Lise Thomsen’s public art works produced in numerous locations in Denmark and around the world over the last 20 years. Her work is both aesthetic and political: she is interested in occupying urban spaces with images and in shaping the messages conveyed through these spaces. Elements of her public practice take the form of support for women’s rights, for the rights of refugees and the homeless, seeking to provide counter-narratives to the oversimplified representations of minorities, and which often nuance and influence public debates about these topics.

Drawing on the interventionist urban art that developed internationally during the 1980s, Hanne Lise Thomsen’s work takes inspiration from political protest movements and the experiments artists began making with new media. In this way, her practice speaks for the idea of the city as a place of diversity and acceptance. Whether occupying billboards with stark alternatives to advertising images or projecting private and personal images into public space, she amplifies the voice of marginalised and hidden communities, opening territory in urban spaces usually governed by the competitive logic of economic forces.

By inviting many contributors into her projects, working with local residents and professional photographers alike to articulate these hidden stories on the participants’ own terms, Hanne Lise Thomsen uses the photography of others much like a curator or film director, uncovering obscured histories and revealing them to the viewer in all their complexity. Each of these public projects is represented in the book by a selection of images accompanied by texts in English and Danish contextualising the work. In addition, texts by art historian Ditte Vilstrup Holm and historian of photography Mette Sandbye further situate Thomsen’s work in the Danish and international context.

The book Hanne Lise Thomsen illustrates how, in this ‘post-photographic’ age in which we are bombarded by an overwhelming array of digital images across social media and advertising, Hanne Lise Thomsen’s insistence on uncovering personal stories that intersect with broader social issues, and on using photography to tell nuanced stories and to articulate politicised histories in public space, becomes all the more essential as an activist artistic practice.


Hanne Lise Thomsen (b.1951) was educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Art, Schools of Visual Arts, Copenhagen (1973–77), and School of Media Arts (1983–85). Her work as a visual artist focuses on dialogue with the surrounding society, using urban spaces as widely accessible platforms for site-specific temporary projects that address both social and political issues. Over recent decades her long-standing commitment to large-scale photography projects in public space has earned her numerous honorary art awards and public commissions.

Jeanne Betak is a graphic and book designer specialized in developing and formulating contemporary publications and catalogues. Since 1996, she has produced a wide range of publications in collaboration with artists, architects, musicians, writers, editors and curators. Each time giving form and context to visual layouts based on a honed process of research, listening, and dialogue in each collaboration. Betak lives and works in Copenhagen.

Hanne Lise Thomsen: Hanne Lise Thomsen
Really Simple Syndication Press, Copenhagen
May 2019. Book design by Jeanne Betak

275 DKK / 37 EU

ISBN 978-87-970091-2-3

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