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Really Simple Syndication is a new press and networked publisher aiming to re-imagine a new readership for literary, artistic, and curatorial research. We are working through the model of syndication, to help small publishers and self-publishing get a new framework and readership (not only for distribution but also for intellectual and artistic discourse). For these reasons, we are actively looking at new authors, artists, and curators who will like to locate new post-contemporary energies beyond the exhibition model. We are interested in changing the value of creative currencies in the global art worlds of this century and we invite you to engage us or call on us for any questions, ideas, or possible books already published for syndication.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

For press information or general questions please write to us at

1. For syndication of your self-published artist books, research, or other publications please send a cop to our physical address above with a letter describing the project, year of publication, and email contact information.

We will respond promptly (within a three week period after receipt) to any inquiries regarding possible syndication of published material. It case that your publication is selected, we will send you specifics regarding sales and amount of books we want to re-introduce, carry or advertise to our emerging readership.

All mailed submissions will not be returned.

2. For consideration to have your research as an author, artist, or curator published please send us a short, one page letter with your pitch to our editor-in-chief:

Christopher Sand-Iversen:

3. For inquires about SixtyEight Art Institute, please see our website

SixtyEight Art Institute:

or contact: