Book Release / Launch Party: Hanne Lise Thomsen

By Hanne Lise Thomsen

29 May 2019

Image: Front cover of Hanne Lise Thomsen by Hanne Lise Thomsen. Published by RSS Press, 2019.

Really Simple Syndication Press, the publication arm of SixtyEight Art Institute, warmly welcomes you to the release of Hanne Lise Thomsen by the visual artist Hanne Lise Thomsen.

Book Launch: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, 29 May
Gothersgade 167, Kbh K

Drinks will be served and all are welcome.

Books will be available for purchase at this event
or you can order from RSS Press Shop.

The book Hanne Lise Thomsen offers an overview of Hanne Lise Thomsen’s public art works produced in numerous locations in Denmark and around the world over the last 20 years. Her work is both aesthetic and political: she is interested in occupying urban spaces with images and in shaping the messages conveyed through these spaces. Elements of her public practice take the form of support for women’s rights, for the rights of refugees and the homeless, seeking to provide counter-narratives to the oversimplified representations of minorities, and which often nuance and influence public debates about these topics.

Drawing on the interventionist urban art that developed internationally during the 1980s, Hanne Lise Thomsen’s work takes inspiration from political protest movements and the experiments artists began making with new media. In this way, her practice speaks for the idea of the city as a place of diversity and acceptance. Whether occupying billboards with stark alternatives to advertising images or projecting private and personal images into public space, she amplifies the voice of marginalised and hidden communities, opening territory in urban spaces usually governed by the competitive logic of economic forces.

By inviting many contributors into her projects, working with local residents and professional photographers alike to articulate these hidden stories on the participants’ own terms, Hanne Lise Thomsen uses the photography of others much like a curator or film director, uncovering obscured histories and revealing them to the viewer in all their complexity. Each of these public projects is represented in the book by a selection of images accompanied by texts in English and Danish contextualising the work. In addition, texts by art historian Ditte Vilstrup Holm and historian of photography Mette Sandbye further situate Thomsen’s work in the Danish and international context.

The book Hanne Lise Thomsen illustrates how, in this ‘post-photographic’ age in which we are bombarded by an overwhelming array of digital images across social media and advertising, Hanne Lise Thomsen’s insistence on uncovering personal stories that intersect with broader social issues, and on using photography to tell nuanced stories and to articulate politicised histories in public space, becomes all the more essential as an activist artistic practice.


Hanne Lise Thomsen (b.1951) was educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Art, Schools of Visual Arts, Copenhagen (1973–77), and School of Media Arts (1983–85). Her work as a visual artist focuses on dialogue with the surrounding society, using urban spaces as widely accessible platforms for site-specific temporary projects that address both social and political issues. Over recent decades her long-standing commitment to large-scale photography projects in public space has earned her numerous honorary art awards and public commissions.

Jeanne Betak is a graphic and book designer specialized in developing and formulating contemporary publications and catalogues. Since 1996, she has produced a wide range of publications in collaboration with artists, architects, musicians, writers, editors and curators. Each time giving form and context to visual layouts based on a honed process of research, listening, and dialogue in each collaboration. Betak lives and works in Copenhagen.

Hanne Lise Thomsen: Hanne Lise Thomsen
Really Simple Syndication Press, Copenhagen
May 2019. Book design by Jeanne Betak

275 DKK / 37 EU

ISBN 978-87-970091-2-3

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Also available at:
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Artist Book Release: under and so; even if afterwards – continually

By Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen

Artist book ‘under and so; even if afterwards – continually’ from the exhibition Concise Voids and Sediments by Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen at SixtyEight Art Institute, 2019. Photo by Jenny Sundby for Tacet Press and RSS Press.

Really Simple Syndication Press is delighted to release for sale under and so; even if afterwards – continually by the Danish visual artist Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen. This artist book release marks the first occasion on which RSS Press syndicates both a title and an emerging publishing group, called Tacet Press, as part of our distribution model of carefully selected titles and publishers. Where each selection of books or projects by artists, curators, and others is driven by the curatorial or artistic research of each producer; and made available by our press in order to foster or help inspire new critical, artistic, and intellectual projects.

Tacet Press is the emerging publishing house responsible for this special commission of Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen’s book project that resulted in the simultaneous production of the artist book and the exhibit Concise Voids and Sediments at SixtyEight Art Institute.

Each artist book is an exclusive hand folded and cut number of a limited edition of 100; where each page has been dyed in the artist’s studio and the cover printed with a century-old font by Erling Jørgensen at Chr. Jørgensens Bogtryk. Every copy comes with a certificate signed by the artist.

Photo by Jenny Sundby for Tacet Press and RSS Press.

In order to–and with a belief in the value of–making unique works of art available to the many, not just the few, Tacet Press and the artist are making the first 20 copies of the artist book available for the special price of 850 DKK / 115 EU. The next 20 copies of this numbered edition will be available for the price of 1500 DKK / 200 EU. Thereafter any remaining copies will be available at the full price of 3000 DKK / 400 EU.

In the interests of supporting artists and their work, we do however ask that institutions pay the full price of 3000 DKK / 400 EU (incl. VAT) regardless of the copy number. The book can be purchased from our online shop.

under and so; even if afterwards – continually has been elegantly designed by Ida Elisabeth Jensen and Trine Struwe of Tacet Press in collaboration with Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen; and will be syndicated and distributed by RSS Press in Copenhagen.


Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen holds an MFA from Malmö Art Academy. She is currently based in Copenhagen, though between 2009 – 2017 based in Amsterdam, Malmö and Lisbon. She works with sculpture, through a process of intuition and experiments or explorations driven by emotions. Recently her solo exhibition Lift, then was shown at The Geological Museum in Lisbon. Previously her work has been shown in contexts such as Kolonien II in Rødovre, Copenhagen, Galleri Riis in Stockholm, Den Nordiske Ambassade in Copenhagen, Sótão in Lisbon and Malmö Art Museum. Among several other residencies she has had an artistic residency at HANGAR in Lisbon.

Tacet Press exists as a collaboration between artist Trine Struwe Hansen and graphic designer Ida Elisabeth Jensen. Through a series of exchanges between artists, they facilitate experimental exhibitions and artist books; developed around the book as medium and as potential. This inaugural book for the press, under and so; even if afterwards – continually, and Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen’s exhibition Concise Voids and Sediments, are kindly funded by Poul Johansen Fonden and Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond.

Book Release / Launch Party: Aesthetics of Resistance

Frans Jacobi: Aesthetics of Resistance

1 November, 2018


Really Simple Syndication Press which is the publication arm of SixtyEight Art Institute warmly welcomes you to the release of Aesthetics of Resistance by the visual artist Frans Jacobi. This book launch marks the first occasion on which RSS Press activates the ‘syndication’ aspect referred to in our name by introducing a distribution model of carefully selected titles and publishers. Where the selection of books and projects will be very much driven by a curatorial and artistic research direction, in order to foster and help inspire new critical thinking in our ever-evolving era.

Frans Jacobi: Aesthetics of Resistance has been splendidly designed by the Danish book designer, Jeanne Betak, and it is part of a publishing collaboration between Revolver Publishing in Berlin and Space Poetry in Copenhagen; it will be co-distributed by RSS Press in Copenhagen.

Book Launch: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Thursday, 1 November
Gothersgade 167, Kbh K

The evening program will be arranged by Frans Jacobi and Space Poetry.
Drinks will be served and all are welcome.

Books will be available for purchase at this event
or you can order from RSS Press Shop.

Aesthetics of Resistance revolves around 8 performances carried out by the Danish visual artist Frans Jacobi in the period between 2009 and 2012. The texts compiled in the book include performance scripts and commentaries, in addition to an extended glossary of terms that investigate the topics of these performances. Together they expand on contemporary forms of demonstration culture and political activism as performativity.

The book brings together a series of events that point to four crucial and large-scale moments, which took place in the recent history of protest movements. Jacobi focuses on the fabricated nature of these events in order to accomplish a reading of the aesthetic value of protest, and of how the establishment of a certain regime of images and their representation in the media becomes the underlying goal of an activism that seemingly aims for something else. In so doing, he shows that the instigation and performance of protest is a visual language that furthers the goals of meaning and representation for political resistance. Noting along the way, how the images being performed, either by the activists or by the societal powers opposing them, are crucial to the communication of protest; especially when the latter use existing systems such as the police, politicians or biased media landscapes to misinform them.

The chosen sequences of protest are the Tiananmen Square Riots in Beijing 1989; the ‘YouthHouse Movement’ in Copenhagen, Denmark 2007/2008; the Climate Justice Action and other attempts at protest surrounding COP15, the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen 2009; and the Egyptian uprising and revolution concentrated around Tahrir Square in Cairo 2011. Through these, Jacobi traces how collective performative acts constitute the political content of these events, and how a ‘thinking with the senses’ establishes political visions in opposition and contrast to the established contexts they appear in – whether this is the oppressive one-party communism of China 1989, the neo-liberal post-politics of Denmark 2007-2009, or the military dictatorship of Mubarak’s Egypt 2011.

The book as an outcome of Jacobi’s artistic research provides an understanding of the aesthetic language that emerges from these events. Building on how the uprisings on Tahrir Square led into the global wave of protests in 2011/2012 (like Occupy Wall Street in USA, M15 in Spain, Gezi Park in Istanbul) and how against this background an aesthetics of resistance articulates how politics of consent are reconstituted through performative acts. Even when these are resituated into complex, democratic, and mediatized fronts to challenge power.

Referring to German writer Peter Weiss’s seminal novel ‘Aesthetics of Resistance’, artist Hito Steyerl writes in her essay ‘Aesthetics of Resistance?’ that the novel “… establishes a genealogy of aesthetic research, which is related to the history of emancipatory struggles throughout the 20th century.” Taking up the title ‘Aesthetics of Resistance’, Jacobi explicitly connects his project to this ‘genealogy of aesthetic research’, articulating how contemporary political activism performs radical, political imagery grounded in collective improvisation and an inventive, contextual consciousness.

The political content is constituted as form and is performed as image. This is – in an extremely condensed form – the ‘Aesthetics of Resistance’.


Frans Jacobi (b. 1960) is a visual artist, living and working in Copenhagen and Bergen. He works with performance, text and images, and since 2012 has been Professor in Time-based Art at the Faculty of Art, Music & Design / KMD, University of Bergen, Norway. In 2014 Jacobi established the artistic research conglomerate SYNSMASKINEN and in 2017 the Green Hijab Movement with visual artist Gitte Sætre.

Jeanne Betak is a graphic and book designer specialized in developing and formulating contemporary publications and catalogues. Since 1996, she has produced a wide range of publications in collaboration with artists, architects, musicians, writers, editors and curators. Each time giving form and context to visual layouts based 
on a honed process of research, listening, and dialogue in each collaboration. Betak lives and works in Copenhagen.

Space Poetry began as a group of aspiring young artists, with their first publication appearing in 1980. A few years later they initiated the magazine Pist Protta, which has since developed into a seminal fixture on the Danish art scene. Space Poetry, now run by Jesper Fabricius, has gone on to publish many titles across the array of art book production, including poetry collaborations, book objects, and artistic research. Space Poetry and Pist Protta have been featured in numerous exhibitions in Denmark and internationally, and have received several awards, such as the C.F. Hendriksen Medal from the Danish Association of Book Craft.

Frans Jacobi: Aesthetics of Resistance
Revolver Publishing, Berlin and Space Poetry, Copenhagen
October 2018. Book design by Jeanne Betak

300 DKK / 40 EU

ISBN 978-3-95763-427-6 DE
ISBN 978-87-7603-193-0 DK

Books can be ordered online
from the Really Simple Syndication Press Shop

RSS Press aims to re-imagine the relationship between art, theory, and literature as a way of fostering critical discourse – looking to formulate an international voice from the perspective of SixtyEight Art Institute’s physical presence in Copenhagen. We focus on artistic research in the form of projects or as part of an extended practice emerging from exhibition-making concerns. In addition to exploring similar energies, we are about developing new readerships in this post-social networked world through a syndication model.

To this end, Aesthetics of Resistance is the first in a series of books which we will be ‘syndicating’ over the coming months and years. By carefully choosing titles from like-minded publishers which represent the foremost artistic and curatorial research, we wish to offer our readers a comprehensive selection of the most intellectually innovative and vital publications in this field. Available both at our physical store at SixtyEight Art Institute in Copenhagen and through our website, our syndicated titles will constitute an essential part of our aim to foster new readerships and inspire new critical thinking in our ever-evolving era.

Book Release: Infinite Bet

Infinite Bet by Liv Schulman 

SixtyEight Art Institute is very pleased to announce the release of our latest book, titled Infinite Bet by Liv Schulman that has been published by our own editorial group, called Really Simple Syndication Press.

Infinite Bet peeks and marvels at Liv Schulman’s continuing artistic research, which is after all things said, a feverish and contextual meeting of notions about economy, subjectivity and desire. At times the book is intersecting with star-crossed themes covered in her performances, such as Formal Economy at Alt_Cph or those like The Empathy presented last year at the Cut the Gap seminar at SMK. Liv Schulman makes use of storytelling techniques by using tactics such as the comic and the collaborative to build the text and escape the subject. To this end, the publication gathers a range of written pieces that together make available a rich body of written work, which includes interviews, play formats, poems, and the work of other artists. Because Liv Schulman broadens experimental forms of speech, only to turn them on their head; the collected writings in themselves offer different challenges to the notions behind the creative freedoms they embody, or even over the political ideas that argue where we get them. In short, this cross-section of written situations and speech acts amounts to a comical and contrarian collective look at the nonsensical economies of desire, we all bet on.

Infinite Bet features an interview with the French stand-up comedian Bettina Atala; drawing and text contributions by Hugo Hopping; a review by Sophie Lapalu; and prints for the first time the English version of the script for the video piece L’Obstruction, which was shown at SixtyEight Art Institute last October in collaboration with Triangle France in Marseille.

Book design by Ida Elisabeth Jensen for RSS.

Liv Schulman (b. 1985) was educated at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Lyon; the UTDT programa de artistas, Post Master, Buenos Aires; Goldsmiths University of London, MFA Art Writing; and the École Nationale Supérieur d’art de Cergy, MFA Art. The main resources of her work deal with an exhaustive use of language and translation through the instrumental use of a body.

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Ars Memoria by Helene Nymann

The book Ars Memoria contains reproductions of the artworks produced by Helene Nymann for the exhibition at Rundetaarn (a historical landmark and exhibition space in Copenhagen), as well as contributions from artist Joachim Koester,  curator Iben Bach Elmstrøm, poet Mette Moestrup, neuroscientist Lauren Silbert, and psychologist Diana Ø. Tørsløv Møller.

The texts explore the themes of the exhibition, discussing the ideas of the Renaissance polymath Giordano Bruno and art historian Aby Warburg.

This publication has been realized with the generous support of many friends and cultural institutions in Copenhagen.

Price: 175 DKK incl. VAT

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Ars Memoria is also available at:
SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen
Motto Berlin
Malmö Konsthall
Kunsthal Aarhus
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