Book Launches: No Safe Place and Cerro Point Blanco

We are back and very pleased to be launching two new books, No Safe Place by Peter Brandt, and Cerro Point Blanco by Lehman Brothers.

No Safe Place will be launched on Friday 2 October at 20:20 in the foyer outside the Lecture Hall of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Gothersgade 140, following Peter Brandt’s presentation as part of The Curatorial Thing 2020.

Cerro Point Blanco will be launched on Friday 9 October from 15:00, in our exhibition space at Gothersgade 167, as the closing event of The Curatorial Thing 2020.

No Safe Place, Peter Brandt

No Safe Place

No Safe Place addresses the subject of trauma and the process of healing, and emerges from the artist’s own experience of being the subject of a violent attack and the subsequent social expectation to bring the episode to closure and move on. The publication investigates, through texts, conversations, and Brandt’s artworks themselves, why healing can be such a difficult and perhaps ultimately unsuccessful process; why people appear to expect that a person will heal as a matter of course; and how society places emphasis on the perpetrators of violent crime rather than on the victims. In the context of this, the book also discusses the status of the image as witness, and the socio-cultural ‘resistance’ to the witness.

The book features an essay on ‘The Forensics of Trauma’ by curator Jeppe Ugelvig, conversations between Peter Brandt and author Thomas Lagermand Lundme and theatre director Iben Hendel Philipsen, as well as texts and reproductions of artworks by Brandt that directly address his experience of the violent act and the attempt to heal.

Special book launch price on this day only: 100 DKK (Regular price 200 DKK)

Cerro Point Blanco, Lehman Brothers

Cerro Point Blanco

The publication Cerro Point Blanco has emerged from Lehman Brothers’ artistic research into titanium extraction in northern Chile and reading of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick as a metaphor for the madness and downfall of capitalism, as well as the curatorial research of SixtyEight Art Institute during the conception and development of this project.

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The book contains newly commissioned texts by Lehman Brothers themselves, regarding their search for Cerro Blanco – the White Mountain – and the mysterious White Mountain Titanium Corporation in the dry expanses of the Atacama Desert; Chilean curator Rodolfo Andaur, whose research trips in northern Chile have been fundamental to this project, looks at the history of extractivism in the Atacama region; Danish artist Kristian Byskov draws out the relationship between necropolitics and the widespread protests in Chile last year; while poet and thinker David Lau looks at the legacy of extractivism as it manifests itself in Silicon Valley and post-Covid financial stakes.

In addition, the book features stills from the video piece ‘Cerro Point Blanco’ and an essay by the curators looking at their research into the history of whaling and the future of art and the so-called anthropocene.

Special book launch price on this day only: 80 DKK (Regular price 120 DKK)