Artist Book Release: under and so; even if afterwards – continually

By Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen

Artist book ‘under and so; even if afterwards – continually’ from the exhibition Concise Voids and Sediments by Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen at SixtyEight Art Institute, 2019. Photo by Jenny Sundby for Tacet Press and RSS Press.

Really Simple Syndication Press is delighted to release for sale under and so; even if afterwards – continually by the Danish visual artist Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen. This artist book release marks the first occasion on which RSS Press syndicates both a title and an emerging publishing group, called Tacet Press, as part of our distribution model of carefully selected titles and publishers. Where each selection of books or projects by artists, curators, and others is driven by the curatorial or artistic research of each producer; and made available by our press in order to foster or help inspire new critical, artistic, and intellectual projects.

Tacet Press is the emerging publishing house responsible for this special commission of Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen’s book project that resulted in the simultaneous production of the artist book and the exhibit Concise Voids and Sediments at SixtyEight Art Institute.

Each artist book is an exclusive hand folded and cut number of a limited edition of 100; where each page has been dyed in the artist’s studio and the cover printed with a century-old font by Erling Jørgensen at Chr. Jørgensens Bogtryk. Every copy comes with a certificate signed by the artist.

Photo by Jenny Sundby for Tacet Press and RSS Press.

In order to–and with a belief in the value of–making unique works of art available to the many, not just the few, Tacet Press and the artist are making the first 20 copies of the artist book available for the special price of 850 DKK / 115 EU. The next 20 copies of this numbered edition will be available for the price of 1500 DKK / 200 EU. Thereafter any remaining copies will be available at the full price of 3000 DKK / 400 EU.

In the interests of supporting artists and their work, we do however ask that institutions pay the full price of 3000 DKK / 400 EU (incl. VAT) regardless of the copy number. The book can be purchased from our online shop.

under and so; even if afterwards – continually has been elegantly designed by Ida Elisabeth Jensen and Trine Struwe of Tacet Press in collaboration with Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen; and will be syndicated and distributed by RSS Press in Copenhagen.


Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen holds an MFA from Malmö Art Academy. She is currently based in Copenhagen, though between 2009 – 2017 based in Amsterdam, Malmö and Lisbon. She works with sculpture, through a process of intuition and experiments or explorations driven by emotions. Recently her solo exhibition Lift, then was shown at The Geological Museum in Lisbon. Previously her work has been shown in contexts such as Kolonien II in Rødovre, Copenhagen, Galleri Riis in Stockholm, Den Nordiske Ambassade in Copenhagen, Sótão in Lisbon and Malmö Art Museum. Among several other residencies she has had an artistic residency at HANGAR in Lisbon.

Tacet Press exists as a collaboration between artist Trine Struwe Hansen and graphic designer Ida Elisabeth Jensen. Through a series of exchanges between artists, they facilitate experimental exhibitions and artist books; developed around the book as medium and as potential. This inaugural book for the press, under and so; even if afterwards – continually, and Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen’s exhibition Concise Voids and Sediments, are kindly funded by Poul Johansen Fonden and Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond.